Thursday, July 19, 2007

Week One of Video Camp a Success

Rutherford County 4-H Network News completed its first week of Video Camp Thursday by filming at the local animal shelter. Nine 4-H members ranging from the fourth to the seventh grade have learned several new things throughout the first week. Topics covered during the first ever video camp included: What makes a good story?, Script Writing, Creating a Story Board, and Basic Filming Techniques.

Members of video camp decided to create two different stories about the local animal shelter. One group will make a video highlighting a puppy and a kitten that are available for adoption. The other 4-H'ers are making a movie to show people how to become a volunteer at the shelter.

During week two of Video Camp, our team will learn how to edit their film footage as well as publish it to the Internet for the world to view! If you are interested in joining RC 4-H Network News, contact our agent Mr. Michael at 615-898-7710.